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It has been a grueling day. We were up at 3 am and left the hotel at 4 am to drive to the airport. We had little sleep as there was another wedding going on last night. Upon arrival at the Luxor airport we learns that one of our pieces of luggage had not arrived. It was still in Cairo. It arrived at our hotel (Winter Palace Hotel) when we did. As soon as we arrived in Luxor we toured Karnak. This was a good thing as it became very crowded and hot as the morning wore on. It was more pleasant to have the place to ourselves.

We ate lunch in the hotel garden. It was a buffet and the meat was barbecued chicken, beef and lofts. We were serenaded by a flutist as we ate.

After lunch in the hotel garden, we went to our room and crashed. Our plan was to get a little shuteye and then go take some pictures of the hotel. But we slept for hours and woke up at 5pm. We both took showers and changed for dinner.

Peter is sick as a dog. I think he has bronchitis. To make matters worse, we cannot get the tea kettle in the room to work so that we can make him some tea to help his cough. He turned off the ac in our room because he feels chilled. I am boiling right now. He is wearing a sweater. Hopefully, he’ll feel better after a glass of wine, some dinner and hot tea and some more rest.

Tomorrow we go to the Temple of Hatshepsut and the Valley of the Kings in the morning. We will then board the Sanctuary Sun Boat III for our Nile cruise. We will have the afternoon to recoup on the boat. I am hoping to be able to go for a swim in the pool on the boat. The

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