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We arrived at the Cairo airport at around 3 am. We had been handed immigration cards to fill out on the plane but we couldn’t decipher them as they were in Arabic. Our seatmate on the plane helped us to fill them out. We were met by a representative from Scenic after we deplaned. He took care of the visa process for us. We went through immigration and then were met by our driver for the transfer to the Mena House Hotel in Giza. It was all a very seamless process and only took a few minutes. Well done, Scenic.

The air was smoky and dusty on the drive to the hotel and the nighttime temps were chilly. I was glad we had sweaters. Our transfer guide gave us a running commentary of what we were seeing and some of the history as we drove along. The roads were not too busy as it was early in the morning. Donkey carts shared the road with automobiles and motor scooters. We arrived at the hotel around 4 am.

I washed out our shirts and underwear when we arrived and hung them on the clothesline provided in the shower. (Our clothes were dry by the time we woke up.) We were both exhausted and fell into bed. We slept until 10:30 am. We looked out our window this morning and there was the view of the pyramids. It was a pinch me moment.

Having missed breakfast, we took our showers, brushed our teeth and got ourselves organized. We then went to the atm in the hotel lobby to get some Egyptian pounds. We met our guide outside the hotel on our way to lunch. His name is Ahmed Aziz but he says to call him Aziz. There will be 28 of us on this tour. The group will be mostly Australian but there are about four Americans Aziz says. We will meet tonight 5:30 pm at the Moghul Restaurant at the hotel.

We had lunch on the restaurant patio. It was sunny with a slightly cool breeze. Just perfect. We had the buffet which was fine but would have preferred to order a la carte. We will do that tomorrow if we have lunch or dinner on our own.

They are setting up for a wedding reception tonight on the hotel grounds. We caught a glimpse of the bride earlier. It is sure to be noisy tonight. I had heard that this hotel is wedding central on the weekends so I brought earplugs for us. I hope they work.


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The Big Fat Egyptian Wedding

We will not be able to sleep tonight as this huge wedding is taking place on the hotel grounds. This is like a rock concert. Huge speakers, Jumbotron, large video camera booms hovering over the dance floor.large_36D62D21-B950-4508-972E-8BFBA38B0925.jpeglarge_AC90AE49-4BA5-48C7-A305-CAEAAA199DF1.jpegD0BE6AC6-091F-497A-8213-A32635CD98D3.jpeglarge_1D4663A2-BB0B-44AA-ACE7-C12C2B86A331.jpeglarge_DD0433A8-2D89-48B8-BC3E-4F433D0ACF7C.jpeglarge_B1FB10CC-50C4-4B49-BD04-FCA4F68B82AD.jpeg

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Today in Giza

This is going to be a very quick post as it’s late (9:30 pm ) and we have to be up at 3 am to get to the airport for our flight to Luxor. We had a very busy day today. We spent most of the day touring the pyramids, posing for a photo on/with a camel, seeing the solar boat museum and the SPHINX!!! We had a very late lunch upon return to the hotel. We went back to the room afterwards as we were both exhausted due to a lack of sleep the night before. I got our luggage organized and then took a quick nap (and Peter did as well). We took a quick shower and then were back out again for the sound and light show at the pyramids and the Sphinx. We returned around 8 pm. Peter had a queasy tummy and wasn’t interested in eating. He made himself a mint tea to chase down some Tums. I ordered room service - chicken shawarma and fries and a glass of Merlot. There is another wedding going on tonight. It is as loud as last night. They wedding celebrations end around 11 pm or so thank goodness. Tomorrow we go to Karnak and a museum and then we have time on our own to relax. I apologize for the lack of photos with this post but Peter is too done in to help me download/upload them at the moment.

Room Service for one - I offered to share but Peter can’t look at food right now.


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